Hardware Info And Computer IDs v2.0 for Delphi and C++, is a small (about 56kB) and very simple in usage dll  providing on low level (No WMI, no Registry) access to general hardware informations about a computer and lets you build the ComputerID (or a few IDs as You wish) based on them. The library does its job very fast. Except the graphic card name (from driver) all information are read directly from hardware system.And all of it without administrator privilege.

Screenshot of an example demo program window (please click to enlarge):

There are informations as follow:
HDDs informations: hdd count, model, serial, revision for all physical drives  (not volumes like c, d,.. but physical drives) and additionally: tracks per cylinder, sectors per track, bytes per sector, cylinder count and logical drives created on each physical drive.    
MAC Address of net card. Available when net card is connected to net (router)
Graphic card name.
Hardware informations from Bios:
Bios informations: vendor, version, date, smbios version, smbios revision, all rom bios memory,
System informations: model, manufacture, serial, UUID,
Mainboard informations: model, serial, manufacture, version,
CPU informations: name, socket name, manufacture, vendor, ID, frequency, external frequency, System slots (like PCI-E, PCI, AGP and so on): slot count, name for each slot and its usage (whether there is something in it or not),
Memory devices informations: memory devices count and sizes of every memory devices installed, device locator and bank locator name PartNunber, Serialnumber and Manufacturer,

There are 3 functions implemented in the library that let you build  the ComputerID (32,64,128 or 256 bit): GetComputerID, GetAllStrID and MakeIDFromStr.

Also included source demo projects in delphi and c++ builder which work without installing anything and show how to use the library and import class. I think the library with import modules should work also with older versions of Delphi and c++ builder and even with other c++ compilers (not only Embarcadero's) that   support standard calling conventions. However demo projects are dedicated for delphi 2006 and c++ builder 6.

The library with import modules should work on Windows 9x, xp, vista, 7, 10 and probably others. Just test it. You have much time:-) Currently the price of the licensed version for one person for any number of computers is 50 € (plus any commission for payment). The shareware version for testing can be downloaded via the link below.

And finally one more remark. Heuristic methods of anti-virus programs can generate false positives regarding the presence of a virus in the library. Please don't be afraid. There is no virus.



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